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      Company Introduction


      Jiaxing huizhong computer woven label co., ltd. is a professional engaged in the label, woven label, printed labels, tags, ribbon, screen printing, stickers, plastic bags and other clothing accessories on the clothing, footwear, textiles and other products design and production and operation of economic entity.

      The company was founded in 1999, covers an area of 15998 square meters, building area of 15000 square meters, located in jiaxing city. transportation is convenient, convenient living facilities, supporting conditions are better. for years, the company insists on taking morality as the first priority, people-oriented, customer division, innovative business ideas, relying on scientific and technological progress, talents development.

      The company has the world's most advanced swiss "mueller" trademark machine, and a wooden spindle machine, sewing machine, weaving machine, printing machine, laser cutting machine, screen equipment and other advanced production equipment and perfect matching. now it has formed an efficient service network for production and management, and has a very strict quality assurance system. the excellent product quality has won widespread praise from customers.

      With the rapid development of market economy, "forward-looking operation, technological innovation, scientific management" has become our new goal. "quality, cheap, quick" is our eternal promise, we not only provide first-class products for you, but also win your trust with low prices, fast and delicate service. we look forward to providing more and more customers with perfect service, and hope to cooperate with all walks of life at home and abroad for common development and common prosperity.

      Company Introduction


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