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      Service hotline: 0086-573-83225111


      Custom Label

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      Company Profile

      Company Profile

      Jiaxing huizhong computer woven label co., ltd. Is a professional engaged in the label, woven label, printed labels, tags, ribbon, screen printing, stickers, plastic bags and other clothing accessories on the clothing, footwear, textiles and other products design and production and operation of economic entity.
      The company was founded in 1999, covers an area of 15998 square meters, building area of 15000 square meters, located in jiaxing city. Transportation is convenient, convenient living facilities, supporting conditions are better. For years, the company insists on taking morality as the first priority, people-oriented, customer division, innovative business ideas, relying .....

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      Huizhong brand image   Improve brand value

      Company strength
      Meet all requirements of all industry

      • Brand industry famous brand for 20 years
      • According to requirements of pringting design garment industry
      • Strong production capacity

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      To provide customers with the best quality solutions

      • According to the customer’s requirements and tha mass aesthetics for specially design.
      • Material, size, shape, pattern, and technology are all customized according to the customer’s requirements.
      • Resonable production cost control, bring the biggest economic and preferential benefits to customer

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      huizhong’s policy
      Quality first honesty first

      • Service concept: Increase customer satisfactory, no best but only better.
      • Mainly service in the industry of footwear, textile, and clothing.
      • Customer tailored, embody exclusive brand temperament

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      consulting service
      Professional after-sale , service is first

      • Huizhong label, scope of business across the country
      • Inquiry & sample of the label by customers
      • Huizhong label service hotline: 0086-573-83225111

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      cooperation process

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